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Mobile Phone Insurance

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There are over 80 million handsets in the UK1 used by 49 million people and around 14 million active mobile phone insurance policies distributed mainly through mobile network operators and retail banks via packaged accounts.

With some retailers, smartphone devices currently account for over 95 per cent of all new monthly contract mobile phone connections. This has lead to a greater propensity among consumers to cover their mobile devices with the average value of an insured handset 82 per cent higher than a non-insured handset.2

Lifestyle Services Group is the UK’s leading mobile phone insurance administrator, managing 8 million policies and supporting the repair and replacement of three handsets every minute.

Our Mobile Phone Insurance propositions can include:

  • Multiple fulfilment options including fast-track repair and replacement services to enable customers to have a mobile phone again as quickly as possible
  • Full claim administration management including real-time assessments to allow immediate resolution
  • Handset upgrade services through our retail partnerships
  • Multiple product management channels including telephony, web and mobile applications
  • Outsourced sales channels delivered via digital and telephony channels
  • Product development and sales support to develop effective “to market” strategies

For more information, click here to download the full Mobile Phone Insurance proposition insert.

1Source - Ofcom

2Source – YouGov


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